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The accounting profession has always been in demand, which is why a lot of students aspire to become CPAs.


For students who are struggling to pass their subjects or are worried about what choices to make, here are some tips on how to set the stage for your success while you are still studying.


  1. Structured Approach to Accounting Standards


Accounting majors take different courses specializing in diverse fields of accounting. Financial accounting, for example, takes a closer look at accounting principles and the applicable standards; while management accounting involves looking at the process as a whole.


With different fields of study available, you need to think of a structured plan to master everything. Leaving studying for exams to the last minute can be especially hard when you have lots of information to go through.


By making a plan ahead of time, your exam preparations will be less tedious. You will also have enough time to relax.


The FASB Accounting Standards Codification® (FASB Codification) is the single, authoritative source of U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP) for public and private companies, not-for-profits, and other non-governmental organizations


  1. Don’t be Afraid to Take the CPA Exam


After completing all of the required courses, there are a lot of students who are hesitant about taking the CPA exam, but you should take the exam as soon as possible.


It’s easier to get into study mode when you are fresh out of school compared to when you are already working. Aside from that, standards are ever-changing. So, if you take the exam three years later, you will need to relearn everything that has changed.


The Wiley CPAexcel Study Guide: Financial Accounting and Reporting arms CPA test-takers with detailed text and skill-building problems to help identify, focus on, and master the specific topics that may need additional reinforcement to pass the FAR section of the CPA Exam.


  1. Do a Master’s Degree


Accountants are not required to do any master’s degree, but it’s a good way to meet your continuing education requirements. If you are planning to apply for a job right away, you can always get an online Master’s degree in accounting from UAB.


With distance learning courses, earning a degree won’t be too difficult, and it looks great on your resume.


  1. Build Your Network


The time you spend studying is valuable, but so are the relationships you make while in school; having the right connections is vital to success.  A good read here is Accountant Marketing Plan: 5 Tips to Get More Accounting Clients (Accounting, Clients, Getting More Clients, Bookkeeping Client, Networking, Attract More Clients, Boost Profits)


Your instructors, classmates, sponsors, and the people you interact with could help you later on in your career. Cultivating good relationships while you are still in school will prepare you for building connections once you become a professional.


Being an accounting wizard is not just about performing well in school, it’s also about preparing yourself for the real world.

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