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With two unmarried daughters still living at home, the Bennet family are intrigued, and not a little concerned, to hear that their recently widowed cousin, Mr. Collins, is coming to visit the family at Longbourn. Mr. Collins, it would appear, hopes that one of the available young women will consider marrying him and taking care of his newborn daughter. Kitty (Catherine) is not the least bit interested; Mary, however, is intrigued and, against her mother’s desire to keep Mary beside her forever, is starting to think positively about this idea, even though most of the family have never liked Mr. Collins. The plot, of course, would not be complete without the whole Bennet family being present, most specifically Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. The family is all there. In fact, it’s a special occasion: Mr. Bennet’s sixtieth birthday celebrations.

Margaret Lynette Sharp has written yet another Jane Austen style drama. A Party at Longbourn takes Austen fans further into the Bennet family life’s story. Adopting the characters from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the author develops a feasible plot, complete with exquisite Austen-like dialogue and character development. The predictable conflict that emerges over Mary and Mr. Collins resolves in a suitable compromise that pleases all parties involved. This is a short, concise story that follows in the style of the classic author, expertly modelled to read like an Austen fan fiction story. A great addition to the series that this author has already written. Austen fans will certainly enjoy the continuing saga of the Bennet family.