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Books were once the only true form of entertainment. They were cherished for the adventures they allowed children to imagine, the worlds they created. But those worlds can now be offered in easy glory through the television screen, found instantly through a virtual search. Literature has become a too slow, too demanding, pastime – unable to compete with the fast thrills of electronics. And, for this, you are truly saddened. Because you still understand the value of chapters, the exploration of words. Your child, however, does not. He thinks it to be an idea too antiquated, without any relevance or importance.

Something must be done. Books must be encouraged.

Such encouragement seems difficult, however. All attempts have failed, were met with apathy. But this is possibly because they lacked the necessary tangibility. Bringing stories to life is essential in coaxing interest in them:

1. Offer films. While it may seem counterproductive to promote the cinema when you’re trying to also promote the turn of a page, it is instead helpful. A favored film – memorized and watched often – can easily translate into a favored book. Urge your child to read the story he already knows to discover the differences. This will make an easier transition.

2. Provide trips. Books allow all to travel to impossible destinations. A car, however, can at least provide the possible ones. Should your child express interest in specific topics, take him to see examples of them: museums, historic sites and more. Choosing books that reflect these locations will spark reading on the trip (and eventually at home).

3. Read yourself. Your child is a mimic. He learns through observing you, seeing what boundaries you create and trying then to reach them. If you offer books for him and but take none for yourself, the precedent is made. You must instead choose to read and be certain he sees this.

It is not an easy battle to win: technology has become the preferred excitement. There are ways to ensure books are still understood, however. You must simply make them a defined presence.

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