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Who says books are just for reading? The following are five ways books can be used to jazz up your interior decorating:

1. Stack your books and use them as unique, decorative side-tables. Create a twisted geometry sculpture by starting with one straight book on the ground, then adding books one at a time on top, at slightly increased slants. By the time you reach side-table height, you’ll have a sculptural yet practical book side-table.

2. Have duplicates of the same book? Have you always loved the look of printed words on a page? Remove the pages from a book and, using a decoupage solution or a glue and water mixture, adhere the pages to any surface you choose: a dresser, a table, or inside a picture frame. Seal with varnish or polyurethane. The result is an unique, graphic black and white conversation-starter.

3. From a nearby thrift store, purchase several old, hardback books with covers in colors you enjoy. Once home, pull the front and back covers together and bind, so that each book creates a circle of pages. Group these in the center of your dining table, interspersed with tall candles, and you’ll have the centerpiece talk of the town.

4. Always losing small things? Take a hardcover book and, with an exacto knife, cut a generous rectangle through all the pages, creating a space large enough to hold a deck of cards, dice, or even keys, credit or library cards. Close the book up, place it on the coffetable, and no one (except you) will know what its insides contain.

5. Create lighter, brighter and more texturized bookshelves by turning your books binding-side to the wall. The subtly-varied shades of white and cream of the exposed books’ pages will create a less busy, interesting backdrop to other furnishings in the room.

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