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All Edmond wanted to do with his life was teach in the remote boys' school in northern Aspatria, lead a simple life and, when he retired, live in the same remote area. All his cousin, Kolman, wanted was to teach at the same school. Kerys was just finishing her education and wanted to be a teacher as well. For all three, there was to be a big change in their life goals, their life’s purpose. Edmond had just found out that he had been chosen to be King of Kimbria. Honor bound, he accepts his new role, just so long as Kolman accompanies him as Captain of his palace guards. Kerys is told that she must attend a week-long session at the palace with three other candidates for the role of Queen Consort. The story begins with amusing anecdotes and conversation between the key players in this story, as everyone gets acquainted and decides on their best course in life. But the story doesn’t end with the weddings (and there are more than one) and the coronation. There is a threat to the throne, as countries all around Kimbria see their rulers kidnapped or executed by rebels taking control. It’s a scary time to be a ruler, and one wonders if the new King Edmond and his Queen Consort will weather the storm.

This is not the first novel in A Windflower Saga series. Aleksandra Layland’s Courage of Ansgar is actually a continuation of several adult and young people’s stories that follow the lives of the fictional Ansgar family. Although this is not the first book in the series, it certainly stands alone very well, which is always a good thing for readers. The characters are well developed and the plot, although indecisive at first, picks up its pace. A classic tale pitting forces of good and evil once again at odds and in conflict.