Cue Bull by Dan Absalonson is a poignant short story about how a man's life changes and how he moves on after the loss of his father. George and his brothers have just finished cleaning out their parents' house, preparing it for an estate sale. Now that they are done, his brothers leave and go home to their families. George is left alone with his memories and the life-sized bull statue that stood watch over the many games played on the pool table in the basement. With his mother already gone and no special someone in his life, George is going to miss the time he and his father had spent playing pool during the week under the watchful eye of that bull. The statue now sits in the back of a rental van, waiting for George to find it a new home. Unexpectedly, in the process of finding and taking the bull to its new residence, George makes an unanticipated discovery. Is it possible that his life now has a new purpose?

Cue Bull by Dan Absalonson is a moving short story that reaches into the psyche and touches the heart. The story is a beautiful portrayal of the natural flow of life; how endings can become beginnings. George is an interesting character, and it is easy to relate to him. It is refreshing to see how he accepts his loss and deals with his grief. This is a well-written short story with a sound storyline and a strong main character, and I am pleased to have had the privilege of reading it. I recommend it for those who enjoy a quick, but enjoyable and fulfilling read.