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Destruction Road by Dan Absalonson is a poignant reminder that we all answer to a higher power i.e. God. It’s the story of a young man, still in high school, who was abused by his single father. Eventually he ran away with his father’s truck and caused a terrible accident with multiple fatalities. The story is about his conviction, prison sentence, and ultimate visit by the husband of the woman who was killed.

So many times when tragic things happen, it is too late to do anything about it. There is no way to turn back time and bring back the dead or take back words that were said. It is a strong reminder to think before acting. In this case, the accident affected many more people than just the driver and perpetrator. It took the lives of the victims, affected their families, and even touched the young man’s father. Those who saw the news story or even witnessed the crash would have been similarly affected.

Destruction Road should be required reading for junior high school age students as they prepare to learn to drive. The story really made me think and the visual images it creates are unforgettable. It is a compelling story and makes me wonder about untold details. For instance, why was the boy so quick to act on what he found in the glove compartment of the truck? And were there any further visits to the prison? What interactions did Will have with others there? Absalonson has a ministry in his writing and I hope that he pursues it.