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Flings with Rings: Book One in The Twisted Rings Series by Katerina Sestakova Novotna is a fascinating and mysterious love story revolving around Evelina, who has a collection of five engagement rings. Men find Evelina attractive and her friends think they are attracted to her because they do not know her true nature. Evelina thinks most men are cowards because they find a wedding ring intimidating. The novella is about the conversation between two women as they talk about men and relationships, Evelina’s secret tricks when it comes to handling the men in her life, and her opinions on sex and marriage.

The book is engaging and will pull readers into the story. What I found interesting is how the author holds the attention of readers with just two characters in the story. The dialogue between them is all about men, sex, and relationships, and the author’s way of writing makes the story move forward in a fun and entertaining way. Evelina’s stories are quite interesting, which makes readers understand why she has more engagement rings than an average woman does. The author blends humor, meaning, and depth into the dialogue, giving a frivolous yet at the same time meaningful vibe to the dialogue between Evelina and her friend. The novella is short, crisp, and effective and the dark humor that runs through the book is palpable and makes it even more fascinating. The title and the contents of the book will intrigue readers and I am eagerly awaiting book two of this series.