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When a baby is born, the parents are often inundated with gifts—a plethora of gifts.

It can seem at times that our homes are bursting to the seams with all this baby gear, and our days are bursting to the seams with all the baby care. So where in all of this do we make more room for books? Isn’t introduction to books something we don’t yet need to think of? After all, babies don’t know what a book is. They don’t know what they’re missing.

True—an infant is a long way from understanding the concept of “book,” or being able to follow a story, let alone read it. But from the very beginning they are not too young to look at a book, feel it, enjoy the rhythmic or funny tone of your voice as you read the story. And, a few months in they will use yet another sense with books: taste. As any parent with a baby knows, books often have mashed-up, mushed-up corners for one and only one reason: they’ve spent a tremendous amount of time in a baby’s mouth.

But doesn’t just about everything spend a tremendous amount of time in a baby’s mouth? Don’t they reach out for every toy within their sight? Yes. But the very fact this is the case gives justification to the idea of providing books to babies from the very beginning. By doing so, babies will be used to the sight, sounds, feel and yes; even taste—of books. They will be a familiar part of their environment, and because of this they may be much more likely to embrace books as a natural part of their life.

So make room for books. Read them while you nurse. Let your baby gnaw on their bindings. Because one of the best things you can do for your child is help them take books for granted.

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