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How to give your school a writing shot in the arm? Why not make a day of it? Whether a private or public school, an entire school day devoted to writing is possible. It requires a coordinator, an approved budget, volunteers, and a willingness on the part of the school to try something new.

As with any large effort, it is critical there be a coordinator. This person can either be a parent or community volunteer, or they can receive a stipend for their work. Ideally this person will be knowledgeable about writing, and passionate about its importance. It doesn’t hurt if they have a very creative mind, and happen to be an A+ problem-solver, too.

First, write up your proposal for such an event and ask for permission to present it to the school administration and faculty. Think about objectives, budget, staff, and operations. Be ready to provide possible solutions to questions. Make it easy for teachers to see the value, and make it clear this is a way to bring instruction to conclusion, with fun.

Once you receive approval, the organization begins. Many volunteers are needed. Create a process for recruiting such volunteers, and get them excited! Break them into categories: writing day activity brainstorm groups, program information messengers, supplies, accounting, and more. Breaking things down this way will allow for no volunteer to feel overwhelmed.

The writing day itself can be as creative as you make it: Create giant “Madlib” posters. Find an old block of wood and set it up in your school courtyard as the “Writer’s Block”—where students scribble down writing tips. Cover a table with items and ask students to describe using their five senses. Bring in a dance instructor for students to move their bodies to express different adjectives.

A School Writing Day can be exactly what the writing doctor ordered: an opportunity to teach, excite, and renew interest.

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