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Kisses from Lillith is an erotic thriller written by Adele Downs. After being invited to celebrate his cousin Angela’s 25th birthday, Hunter Reid and his girlfriend, Rosa Martinez, meet at the invitation’s locale, only to find that they have the place to themselves. Being early, Rosa and Hunter continue an earlier argument regarding commitment. With Rosa determined not to enjoy any sort of celebration at Crystalline Cave, Hunter relaxes on a blanket near the entrance, hoping for some peace until the other guests – and guest of honor – arrive to celebrate the big event. When Rosa sees Hunter on the blanket, she willingly joins him in a simple make-out session which quickly turns steamy, but they are interrupted when the party guests arrive. Their odd attire (and lack of flashlights) suggests that something sinister might be afoot; people generally don’t formal-wear to visit a cave. The night was about to get very interesting.

This is definitely the most erotic horror story I have ever read and, whilst I have a general rule of never reading horror novels, this one (thankfully) was not brutally graphic. Adele Downs has presented something fresh and new, which combines drama, romance, lust, and a tinge of horror, making the combination of ingredients entirely delicious. I also enjoyed the hidden message behind the story, regarding true love being wasted if you were simply going to string somebody along. The visual effects brought about by the tiny details were perfect in that I felt like I was in a cinema, watching all of the action before my eyes, instead of just reading words on a page. The writing style almost enabled me to get to know each of the main characters on a personal level, in knowing their backgrounds and the reasons behind their fears, worries and anxieties and more. I very much enjoyed Kisses from Lillith, and recommend this book to mature audiences over 18 years of age, who are not afraid of the darkness within.