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Leofric of Longridge: A Windflower Saga Novella by Aleksandra Layland is a unique spin on fantasy for young and adult readers. Slim as it is, this book is a gorgeous treat for fans of short stories and novellas. Meet the orphan, Leofric, the man who will have great influence and power in Kimbria. Readers are introduced to his life as a young man, a fourteen-year-old growing up in the monastery under the tutelage of brother Ermen and the other monks. What does the future hold for this young man who goes off on his birthday and leaves everyone worried?

This novella provides fans of the Windflower Saga trilogy with great backstory on one of the characters they will love. The author presents this character in an exciting way, featuring a beautiful monastic setting and focusing on relationships. Readers will enjoy the insights about the monastery, the religious atmosphere in which the young Leofric grows up, and the dynamics built around friendship, love, and duty.

Leofric of Longridge: A Windflower Saga Novella is well-written and the characters are beautifully imagined. There is a sweetness in the well-spun prose which features great descriptions. The paragraphs are well-broken down for great readability and the dramatic scenes are carefully spread out to keep the reader excited about the story. Aleksandra Layland has carefully crafted a whole universe with a unique culture around the characters, who are related to the land of fantasy called Kimbria, and this novella is another beautiful gem from that world.