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If you are looking for a quick read that is engaging, uplifting, yet a bit naughty, then search no further because J.D. Frettier’s delightfully risqué fantasy, Linda Gets Her Groove Thing, is what you are looking for. The pace is fast and the humor is unexpected, racy, and hilarious, while at the same time the story is well written and poignant. When I read Linda Gets Her Groove Thing, I was laughing and wiping tears from my cheeks, not groaning and rolling my eyes.

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing begins with Linda, who is a flight attendant, about to depart on a lengthy trip. She waits in her apartment, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the UPS man who will deliver her new battery operated companion she intends to take on her trip. But, when Linda opens the package and finds something other than what she ordered, she calls customer service to complain. Linda vents her anger until a life changing or rather a life ending event occurs, giving her new found freedom and the power to exact revenge. I think all women can relate to the ribald fantasy of J.D. Frettier’s Linda Gets Her Groove Thing. Even those of us who have been lucky in love can still appreciate the story of how Linda goes about getting 'her groove thing,’ which makes J.D. Frettier’s Linda Gets Her Groove Thing the perfect read.