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Make Them Scream by Tanja Kobasic is a heartbreaking story inspired by the sad demise of Baby the bulldog, a tragedy that happened on October, 2013 in North Yorkshire, England when two brothers, Andrew and Daniel Frankish, brutally abused a bulldog while filming the heinous act. In this short read, the author takes readers on a dark fantasy journey that explores crime, guilt, and revenge.

Amos and Dougal Foulsom are hunted men after committing a monstrous crime — the vicious torture of Baby the bulldog — and now their past continually catches up with them. After relocating to many places and over a long period of time, they finally settle in Harlesden, but life isn’t easy as they have to support their costly drug addiction habit, so they turn to prostitution. In comes Ariel, an eccentric man who becomes their benefactor and who offers to help them move on, but little do they know that they are destined for a place far worse than the crime that haunts them.

Tanja Kobasic writes with moving limpidity and readers will enjoy the fluidity in the prose and the narrative voice. The story has an exciting plot, well-imagined, and the setting is very relevant. The story is absorbing and readers, especially animal lovers, will have an aversion for the characters. They are well-sculpted and developed to reflect the themes. Make Them Scream is one of those stories that comes across as an indictment of those who are heartless to animals. It is dark. It is tantalizing and I couldn’t put it down. I read it through in less than three hours.