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Midlife Crisis by Belinda Bennett is an exciting and suspenseful novella about a menopausal woman trying to remain sane while dealing with an arrogant and belittling husband. Sammy-Jo hasn't been sleeping at night, which leaves her tired and a little forgetful. Tom, Sammy-Jo's husband, doesn't understand and believes that she may be losing her marbles. When Sammy-Jo has a hot-flash while shopping and stumbles out of the shop, unwittingly carrying a scarf that she had not yet purchased, she seems to validate his beliefs. Demoralized and depressed, Sammy-Jo slips out of the house in the middle of the night to ride the bus through her sleepless hours. By a twist of fate, Sammy-Jo encounters an old acquaintance. The renewing of their friendship brings some light into Sammy-Jo's dull and dark existence. However, as Sammy-Jo begins looking at Tom differently, she discovers that he is hiding some substantial secrets from her. Is Sammy-Jo's imagination getting the better of her, or is her paranoia justifiable and her husband really is a serious criminal?

Midlife Crisis by Belinda Bennett is an exceptional novella that is remarkably lifelike. It has a compelling plot with a riveting storyline that culminates in a surprising and stunning conclusion. Sammy-Jo's portrayal is an amazingly accurate insight into the feelings and struggles of a woman going through her change in life. Having gone through it myself, I could relate to Sammy-Jo's character. I cried for and with Sammy-Jo as she fought to get the better of her circumstances, and laughed aloud when she succeeded. This is an amusing, tragic, and inspiring parody that is an original and brilliant tribute to aging women everywhere!