There are books you read and recommend to friends with words such as, “It’s a good read,” but there are some, like Prompts: A Collection of Stories by Tank Gunner, where you find yourself looking for superlatives to describe them. A gorgeous treat with sixty awesome stories, some hilarious, others downright entertaining, and some mind-boggling. Whichever it is, the author finds a way of touching an emotion in the reader and it isn’t hard to find oneself laughing at an intelligently phrased dialogue, a dramatic situation, or just pondering over an idiosyncrasy of the characters.

Tank Gunner’s collection of stories is written in a specific, unique style — they are responses to creative writing prompts in a classroom — and the author uses these prompts to share war stories. Now, the reader has sixty short and delightful stories to enjoy. There is just so much to love in these stories. First, the originality in both style and plots is something that could only result from a very ingenious and highly imaginative mind. The stories read like real-life tales and they evoke sentiments that readers can easily identify with. I loved the intense action and the gritty plot in “Deadeye,” enjoyed the biting humor in “Trips,” and found “Bingo” to be hilarious. Each of the stories is unique. Each has a pulse of its own, a beauty, and a great plot. Each of the stories features amazing and well-imagined characters — you’ll wonder if they are really imaginary characters. Prompts: A Collection of Stories features impeccable writing. It is tight in a sexy kind of way and the reader just finds him or herself caught up in the wonderful flow of the stories.