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The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed (Collected Shorter Stories) by Michael Lynes has 13 broad-based literary works for readers. Some are readable and enjoyable, and some might need another angle of perspective to understand them. That said, Lynes’ skill in terms of prose and story lines is undeniable. My Father’s Hands opens the collection, a poignant story about a son remembering his precious time with his father, who’s now lying sick in a hospital bed. I wonder if this story is about Lynes’ own father, as he dedicated this book to him.

The second story and my favorite in the collection is It’s In The Blood, also about a father and son, but this one revolves around Greek mythology with Lynes’ own fresh spin. Deucalion, son of Prometheus, seeks to imprison his father to prevent his madness destroying the mortals’ world, until he learns about Zeus and Hera’s true intention. Lynes gives a nice modern twist to the story and the incorporated humor made it enjoyable to read. The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed, which is also the title of the collection, is a fascinating and surreal story about Donovan, a patient who has been in a medical center for decades, and his special bond with a nurse named Eugenia. All in all, The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed is not formulaic, therefore it may not be for everybody. Some of the created worlds and plot lines are unpredictably skewed with eclectic themes. Even so, this is another good read from Lynes.