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The Forgotten Papers by Jeff Harris is a collection of a little bit of everything – short stories, poems, and articles, all beautifully written. Some read like riddles, some make political statements, some tackle social issues, some are simply inspirational while others are just hilarious. You will go from a hilarious story about a canceled wedding to one about the need for the GOP to work on its public perception, to a poem, and then to another totally random story. The writings are all very brief with many of them less than half a page long, and yet each tells a complete story with actual depth and lots of humor. You will find in there different genres and different topics, but it all blends into an exciting and very captivating read. The beauty of this book is that you can put it down any time and pick it up whenever. You can even start reading from almost any page since chances are that whatever page you land on, you will be starting a new story.

The Forgotten Papers by Jeff Harris is a unique read. Each of these writings is fresh, very brief, and absolutely compelling – once you are done with one story, you are eager to see what the author throws at you next so you keep reading. The Forgotten Papers is especially suitable for those times when you do not feel like reading one long story but rather enjoying a collection of different writings on a whole bunch of random topics. It is the kind of book I would choose to take with me on a long train ride so I can have something to keep me occupied the whole journey, but without the pressure of concentrating on one long story. The book's beauty is in how random its tales are and the combination of depth and humor with which they are written. Jeff Harris must have had a lot of fun writing it. The tales are random, hilarious, captivating and interesting to read. If you want a book that surprises you at every turn, then you have definitely found one.