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The One that Got Away And Other Short Stories is a collection of three different but engaging stories written by Margaret Lynette Sharp. The entire book doesn’t take long to read, and the stories can literally be read in one short sitting. I certainly believe that this is what makes the entire collection more appealing, and I am confident that this book will certainly have readers looking up Margaret Lynette Sharp to discover more of her storytelling. The author has a comfortable and natural style of writing, which will appeal to a wide range of readers. The settings of these tales are based in Australia, where I believe the author is from, and, as a reader, I could honestly visualise the environment and settings, which added a unique edge to each story.

Each of the stories is different: the first, titled the same as the book, follows a woman’s letters to her sisters as she details a holiday and a tale of love found and then lost; the second one follows the destiny of a talented young girl and how the belief of a grandmother in that talent can make the difference; and the third story follows a woman revisiting her past, only to be confronted with a face that seems too familiar. The One that Got Away And Other Short Stories by Margaret Lynette Sharp offers the reader themes that are soft and full of heart. Each of the endings left me feeling wistful and reflective, demonstrating the art of good contemporary fiction writing.