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In a land where women rule, life is not always perfect. When Mia’s dearest friend, Kate, bucks the system and runs away with her mate, rebellion is the topic of conversation and concern among the breeders. While Mia is saddened by the mysterious departure of her friend, she is surrounded by suspicion. “You are her best friend, Mia…Surely, she told you something.” But Mia only replies, “She told me good-bye.” Tara pressures Mia into confessing truths not in her possession and reacting to authority in an uncharacteristic manner. Mia always does what is expected of her. She visits the Pit once a week and mates with her personal “dog” in hopes of conceiving a child…as is expected. But, when mysterious feelings for her mate begin to emerge and conception becomes more than a way to populate, Mia begins to understand why Kate changed her own destiny. Will she have the courage to follow her friend into freedom? Is she strong enough to take Chad with her? With a rebellion imminent, these are questions uppermost in her mind.

The Scent of Lilac: An Arrow’s Flight Novella by Casey Hays is an amazing and surprising addition to young adult fiction. I was wowed from the first page and continued to be intrigued by Casey Hays' writing until the final scene. Mia is not the typical protagonist. Her weaknesses are expressed in an extremely believable manner that will surely deposit her firmly in readers’ minds and hearts. I look forward to more from Casey Hays.