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Three Brothers of Ansgar: A Windflower Saga Novella by Aleksandra Layland completes the story of the three brothers, Kapa’a, Bogumil, and Koritane, the three sons of King Ansgar of Kimbria and Queen Anwen Keholani, the High Chief of the Kimbrii people. They lose their father in a tragic accident when they are just fourteen, twelve, and nine, and they move out of Kimbria to settle elsewhere. The story traces their lives, their struggles, and the harsh realities faced by the Ansgar family while growing up. Each brother’s story is told in their own chapter, giving readers insights into their background, their upbringing, and the relationship shared between the siblings. It is a story of love and hate, war and peace, and good and evil.

The storyline has been handled well and the chapter with the stories of each brother ties in nicely with the next one to move to a good conclusion. Each one’s character is well portrayed and they are strong and their individuality is palpable as the story progresses. The narration is detailed and the descriptions take readers right into the story, making the scenes vivid and the characters come alive. The fictional Ansgar family is interesting and the family history and the relationship between the family members make it an engaging novel. The introduction chapter sets the tone perfectly for the story to come and readers who have not read the previous part of the trilogy get an idea of the characters, the Ansgar family, and their history so they have a better understanding of the story when they read this book.