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It’s a daily battle – you try to offer your child a book, only to see it rejected (whether stared at with disinterest or tossed against the wall, forgotten and ignored). Pages hold no fascination for youth. They’re instead considered complicated, unable to be understood or enjoyed; unlike the television, which offers easy explanations and shimmering colors. Your son or daughter has no desire to read. They want instead to only play.

But this can’t be allowed. The importance of books is proven, known to be essential in early development and future triumphs. Children need the written word and parents must find ways to incorporate it into the daily routines.

This seems to be impossible, however; a challenge without end. You think it can’t be done (at least not without hours of too hard efforts and complaints). Encouraging your child to read can be accomplished, though. It merely requires patience and some simple suggestions:

1. Choose relevant topics. Your child is a restless creature, with a focus that often wanders. You must therefore engage it with stories that appeal to his or her hobbies. Whether your son worships sports or your daughter wishes to explore the sea, there are certain to be books that will appeal. Find them.

2. Read together. It is often difficult for young minds to comprehend the full scope of stories. Words may confuse; meanings may intimidate; and so they then choose to ignore them completely. Do not let your child grow frustrated with ideas he or she doesn’t understand. Instead read together and answer all questions. Engage with conversation to ensure the material is learned, as well as enjoyed.

3. Visit the library. Surround your child with more than books. Let them instead experience companionship. Libraries often offer programs tailored for youths, such as: story-time, activities and discussions. This helps to stimulate interest and gain variety.

Coaxing a child to read can seem an impossible thing. It isn’t. It merely requires your participation and a little creativity. Discover interests; spend time together; and offer alternative locations. The results will be immediate and well deserved.

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